Texas takes a major step to stop illegal immigration - "Sanctuary cities are officially banned in Texas"

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott on Sunday took to Facebook Live to sign a law targeting “sanctuary cities.”
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Watch: Woman From Virginia tells Muslim Woman "Obama Is Not In Office Anymore, We Do not Have A Muslim In There"

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Watch: Antifa activist attacks journalist in front of the police in DC

Antifa Gets arrested after attacking Reporter.
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Anti-Trump "Feminists" gather in NYC to protest against Trump while rape victims are executed in Iran - Where is the Justice?

Anti-Trump "Feminists" gather in New York City for a '100 Days of Failure' protest on President Donald J. Trump's 100th day in office.
Where is the outrage when gays and rape victims are executed in Iran under Sharia laws.
These people do not care about women's rights or human rights, the only thing they want is to protest against Trump without any logical reason.

Watch: Black Man Trump supporter DESTROYS White Liberal Woman

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FED UP: Trump cuts interview with CBS after the Reporter Tried to Embarrass him

Trump Kicks CBS Reporter Out of Oval Office.
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Watch: Trump is willing to negotiate face to face with North Korea's leader - The world is in shock

CHANGE is finally coming to America after 8 years.
Trump has done more for the American people in just few days than OBAMA has done his entire political career.
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